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QuestionJar is a premium AMA platform. We make it easy to receive questions from your audience in one place, of any type — video, audio or typed text.

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FeaturesA Better Way to Receive Questions

Overwhelmed by questions? Spending hours merging and compiling lists of questions for your next podcast episode? QuestionJar will let you focus on what matters.

All Questions in One Place

Instead of scraping together questions from email, social media, and other channels, you collect all questions from your audience in a single place.

No more copy-pasting, no more merging and compiling from different sources. We save you hours of tedious, manual work.

Easily Organize Your Questions

QuestionJar helps you collect, organize, and access the questions from your audience with collections. Create collections for topics, guests, or any other category you choose.

Easily find all the right questions when it's time to answer them.

Category overview

Audio and Video Questions

What if your audience could ask you questions using audio and video instead of just text?

QuestionJar allows you to collect engaging audio and video questions from your audience. Easy to download and embed in your podcast.

Add a fresh level of engagement to your audience's questions.

End the Question Overload

Never be asked the same question twice. QuestionJar automatically surfaces answered questions, detecting and eliminating all duplicate questions for you.

autosuggest for duplicate questions

Getting Started is Easy

It takes just 3 steps, to create your own QuestionJar page with custom URL and be able to collect any type of question for your podcast.


Create your Profile

View our pricing plans and see which plan best suits your needs. Sign up and claim your username, we'll set up your custom URL.

Collect Questions

Share your custom link to your listeners where they can instantly submit questions, video, audio or typed text, for your podcast.

Categorize and Answer

Search, save, and categorize all submissions in your dashboard, or download the audio and video for use in your podcast.

PricingSimple pricing, no commitment.

If you're not satisfied, contact us within the first 14 days and we'll send you a full refund. No questions asked.


  • 200 questions

  • 5 categories

  • Audio questions

  • Email support


  • 500 questions

  • 25 categories

  • Audio and video questions

  • Priority email support


  • Unlimited questions

  • Unlimited categories

  • Audio and video questions

  • Priority email and chat support

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